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Crossties is published for users and producers of treated wood crossties.

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RTA EVENT CALENDAR CONTACT US RTA EVENT CALENDAR CONTACT US ADVERTISE Stella-Jones Corp. Railway Tie Association Wheeler Lumber Nisus Corporation MiTek Industries CROSSTIES • JULY/AUGUST 2018 15 FIELD TRIP Cleaning the excess prior to painting. Open-deck bridge ties on the 65-foot span of the East Steel Bridge. The ties are Douglas fir with 10-inch-wide Progress Rail Loadmas- ter ™ plates. Hook bolts are standard J bolts. Standard hardwood ties with cut spikes and anchors in open track. A closeup of the Lewis Bolt & Nut Quick-Set ® hook bolt assembly. The hook bolt is inserted between the ties instead of through the ties and is set at an angle instead ofthe standard vertical placement. The assembly can be installed from the top of the bridge versus the typical insertion below the deck. Open-deck bridge ties on the 55-foot span of the East Steel Bridge. The ties shown are a mixture of glue-laminated timber and Southern Yellow Pine. The fastener system is 8-inch-wide Progress Rail Loadmaster™ plates. The hook bolts are Lewis Bolt & Nut Quick-Set® hook bolts. Deburing joint bar after being cut and drilled. Rail being cut and drilled. Kevlar and epoxy applied to reinforce. TTCI's Carmen Trevizo provides an in-depth review of TTCI and its research programs and services. Andrew Hawk describing the Vibration Test Unit (VTU), which is a computer controlled full-scale laboratory test device that can be used to evalu- ate suspension characteristics of rail vehicles, component and vehicle natural frequencies, ride comfort, and lading responses. Forrest Wieder at the Security and Emergency Response Training Center (SERTC) high bay building talking about the different hous- ings, valves, and fittings found in both highway and rail tanks. TTCI STOP 2

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