JUL-AUG 2018

Crossties is published for users and producers of treated wood crossties.

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CONTACT RTA WEBSITE BECOME A MEMBER BECOME A MEMBER RTA WEBSITE CONTACT Cahaba Pressure Treated Forest Products Eagle Metal Products East Coast Railroad Gross & Janes Co. Hurdle Machine Works Koppers Inc. CROSSTIES • JULY/AUGUST 2018 16 XXX FIELD TRIP An OmniTRAX Energy Solutions employee unloads sand from railcar onto high speed conveyor for transfer to truck. OmniTRAX's very impressive double track transload operation. Some of the onsite BioChar NOW! reactors in action. James Gaspard (right) of Biochar NOW! greets attendees and offers the opportunity to see and touch biochar products made at the facility. Biomass feedstock (which could include end-of-life ties) is chipped for collection for reactors which produce the biochars. Gaspard explains the chipping and reactors process to generate biochar from biomass feedstock. DAY 3 OmniTRAX, BioChar NOW!, Koppers Inc. OmniTRAX BioChar NOW! STOP 2 STOP 1 Jason Dallas enjoys the open-air car along the way. Royal Gorge Route RR STOP 3 A view under the state-of-the-art bridge showing the Lewis Bolt & Nut Quick-Set ® hook bolt as- sembly. The photo also shows the lack of dapping of the superele- vated glue-laminated bridge ties. The angle of the hook bolt can be seen in the photo. A closeup view of superelevated glue-laminated open- deck bridge ties on the state-of-the-art bridge. The ties have the superelevation built into the tie and are not dapped on the bottom. The deck uses the Lewis Bolt & Nut Quick-Set® hook bolt system to provide the active attachment of the deck to the bridge.

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