SEP-OCT 2018

Crossties is published for users and producers of treated wood crossties.

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CONTACT RTA WEBSITE BECOME A MEMBER BECOME A MEMBER RTA WEBSITE CONTACT Cahaba Pressure Treated Forest Products Eagle Metal Products East Coast Railroad Gross & Janes Co. Hurdle Machine Works Koppers Inc. CROSSTIES • SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2018 14 Koppers generously sponsored the kick-off reception on Monday. Good food and great conversation! Kevin Hicks begins the morn- ing with coffee and engineer- ing principles. His delivery sparked great questions from the class. Education Committee Chairman Marshall Allen starts us off right with a safety briefing. Thomas the Tank Engine offers some wisdom to begin the Tie Grading Seminar. "A train is only as good as its track." After enjoying a Koppers Inc.-sponsored reception on Monday, attendees get down to business on Tuesday. Union Pacific's Kevin Hicks joined us this year to present an introduction to railroad engineering principles. Then it's into the nitty gritty of wood species identification with Dr. Terry Conners of the University of Kentucky. DAY 1 TIE GRADING SEMINAR Terry Conners begins the basics of wood ID, condensing his usual semester-long class into a few hours. Instructors, loupes, and knives all make wood identification a little easier. Rufus Fontenot of Stella-Jones takes a closer look at Douglas Fir. Norfolk Southern's Kevin Conn cuts into a block to look more closely at species characteristics. Stella-Jones' Jeffrey Benson dis- covers that red oak is porous. Dipped in bubble solution, it adds a bit of fun to the steep learning curve. The Railway Tie Association's (RTA) Annual Tie Grading Seminar took students, instructors and RTA representatives to the Koppers Inc. plant in Galesburg, Ill. The seminar, a three-day hands-on experience is designed to teach students engineering principles, wood identification and anatomy, defects, inspecting, fungi, drying, procurement and more as the concepts relate to wood ties. Seminar instructors taught students how to spot defects that could limit tie life and also addressed manufacturing plant hygiene. "Students learned wood treatment practices and how a wood preservation facility works," said RTA Education Committee Chairman Marshall L. Allen. "We very much appreciate that so many from the Koppers team were on hand to share their knowledge with our students." Enjoy the next few pages of photos and captions explaining the ins and outs of the 2018 Tie Grading Seminar. If you haven't joined RTA for one before, make plans now to attend next year's seminar. Top-Notch Tie Grading Students Raise The Bar In Illinois Watch for more information as it becomes available on next year's Tie Grading Seminar.

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