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Crossties is published for users and producers of treated wood crossties.

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RTA EVENT CALENDAR CONTACT US RTA EVENT CALENDAR CONTACT US ADVERTISE Stella-Jones Corp. Railway Tie Association Wheeler Lumber Nisus Corporation MiTek Industries CROSSTIES • NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2017 23 which, in turn, provides for more consistent quality through- out the industry and results in in enhanced service life for our products. When we have that, it inspires confidence and stability. Tad Cleve, Timber Products Inspection Bureau We utilize our skilled and diverse staff to assist in the identification of abnormalities throughout the manufacturing process. We stay involved with the client to help in the elimination of these issues and provide routine over-processing evaluations to reduce the loss of product value. WORKING LUNCHEON Dallin Brooks, WWPI We are a diverse sector with a lot of seemingly unique chal- lenges. We must work together to improve the perception that renewable is better than recyclable, and preserved wood is both. We must talk about how preserved wood reduces the need for new wood to replace degraded wood and that it is reusable and recyclable. Perceptions create policies. I am already working on the next generation so they start to get a positive impression of preserved wood. Linda Bauer Darr, ASLRRA 45G is the shortline rehabilitation tax credit, and it is a top priority for our association. 45G helps feed your families. The credit is what allows us to invest in the rail ties to upgrade our track. Our chief congressional spon- sors are working hard to include our legislation in whatever tax bill is intro- duced. If the tax reform bill not dealt with by year end, we will go to Plan B, and that is attempting to include it in the Extenders Package. If none of that works, we'll go to Plan C, which is to push for inclusion in the infrastructure bill that will come to pass next year. REGIONAL & SHORTLINE RAILROAD SESSION Kristine Storm, Genesee & Wyoming Our scrap tie disposal strategy is that any tie replaced is to be disposed of accordingly, mean- ing it goes to co-gen or landfill. We are facing a continued obstacle of find- ing alternative disposal avenues to reduce costs. Our annual new tie change-out pro- gram creates about 765,000 scrap wood ties. Judy Petry, Farmrail Corp. In the past five years, we have seen significant growth by adding 15 new customers. We are now hauling a lot of drill- ing commodities and a little bit of grain. In 2013, received a TIGER grant, which allowed us to open farthest west location for Badger Mining. We serve a company that hauls frac sand, which has brought people into the area. Shortlines serve these little communities and we help breathe life back into them. Bob Snyder, OmniTRAX We're a wood believer. This year, we expect to purchase about 120,000 ties and will con- tinue to significantly grow. If all projects were approved, we would blow this number out of the water. We are in the process of upgrading all of our railroads, and this number will move up to a much larger amount. Thank You For A Successful Conference Jim, thanks for the speaking invite and congratulations on another suc- cessful RTA-great venue for supplier meetings, old and new and very well managed event. We look forward to our continued support of the RTA and will be attending in 2018. —Robert W. Snyder, OmniTrax RTA Did A Great Job! Another great conference. Your team did a great job as always. Thanks for everything. — Kevin D. Hicks, Union Pacific Railroad Thank You RTA RTA has been outstanding to work with! —Nathan Loftice, BNSF Below are a few notes from those who attended the RTA Conference. RTA appreciates the feedback! RTA CONFERENCE

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