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Crossties is published for users and producers of treated wood crossties.

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CONTACT RTA WEBSITE BECOME A MEMBER BECOME A MEMBER RTA WEBSITE CONTACT Cahaba Pressure Treated Forest Products Eagle Metal Products East Coast Railroad Gross & Janes Co. Hurdle Machine Works Koppers Inc. CROSSTIES • MAY/JUNE 2018 14 Industry Provides In-Depth Look At The Art Of Wood Preservation required by a 1996 law, all pestiscides—including wood preservative compounds— had to undergo a re-registration process with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), setting the stage for modern pesti- cide oversight. That process was concluded for all wood preservatives currently on the market. Also required is a process of registra- tion review after 15 years, which has been initiated by EPA for all wood preserva- tives currently in use for pressure treating ties. As a part of the review process, EPA seeks to gain a better understanding of the wood preservation process to dispel any myths the agency might have as to how wood is treated, why it is treated, and com- plexities associated with treating wood. To their credit, EPA staffers have frequently attended industry meetings to obtain a better understanding. As a result of this engagement, EPA's Office of Pesticide Programs (OPP) con- tacted Kevin Ragon, executive director of the Southern Pressure Treaters Association (SPTA), who offered to provide briefing information on the wood preserving industry so EPA could gain a better understanding of the industry. This outreach by the OPP's Reevaluation Team resulted in a request for a meeting of industry stakeholders. Ragon assembled a diverse voluntary team of industry associa- tion and corporate representatives from all across the U.S. to gather at EPA offices to provide a series of presentations on May 2. This meeting provided an opportunity for wood protection industry experts and regis- trants to travel to Washington D.C., to pro- vide EPA officials an interactive educational experience on the nature of the complexi- ties of the various businesses involved in the wood protection industry. The program focused on providing a "virtual" treating plant tour along with doing a fairly deep dive on the principles of wood preservation to some 30 EPA officials in attendance. Due to unforeseen circumstances, Ragon was unable to attend and asked several team members to step in to handle the meeting in his absence. Dave Webb of the Creosote Council was asked to make Ragon's pres- entation. Greg Baumann of Nisus Corp. provided the necessary coordination with OPP staff, and Jim Gauntt, RTA executive director, was asked to moderate the meeting. See the topics covered in the meeting in the agenda box on page 15. The below is excerpted from a report filed EPA UPDATE As "The [industry] team assembled did an outstanding job by starting at the forest, offering some details on wood science, and then doing a fairly deep dive on treatment processes and chemistries to illustrate the true art of wood treating within the bounds of a scientifically designed and controlled environment in the modern day treating plant."

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