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Crossties is published for users and producers of treated wood crossties.

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RTA EVENT CALENDAR CONTACT US RTA EVENT CALENDAR CONTACT US ADVERTISE Stella-Jones Corp. Railway Tie Association Wheeler Lumber Nisus Corporation MiTek Industries CROSSTIES • MAY/JUNE 2018 15 EPA UPDATE by Gauntt with Ragon and all the attending presenters, along with Bob Fronczak of the Association of American Railroads following the meeting. [The] meeting was remarkably successful. The [industry] team assembled did an outstanding job by starting at the forest, offering some details on wood science, and then doing a fairly deep dive on treatment processes and chemistries to illustrate the true art of wood treating within the bounds of a scientifically designed and controlled environment in the modern day treating plant. Complexities of species, drying, equipment and plant construction and operation, plus a detailed look at the American Wood Protection Association (AWPA) standards and committees that design the parameters we all adhere to were covered in the three hours allotted. Questions from EPA officials were many and were successfully responded to. If I were to characterize the general nature of these questions, they ranged from sincere interest in learning more about wood and how our industry assures QC, to eco-toxicity and human exposure. Again, I believe, as many of you have said since the meeting, that the team navigated these with a high level of professional expertise. Please note that we had one user group observing. Bob Fronczak graciously agreed to attend on behalf of the Class I RR's AAR-Environmental Affairs Committee… …Our many thanks again to Kevin Ragon for organizing this meeting as a result of EPA's outreach to him. Also, let me personally thank each and every presenter for staying on point and providing your expert knowledge to help EPA understand our complex and diverse industry. In a follow-up email after the meeting, one EPA official said to Ragon: "Kevin, I just wanted to thank you again for all of your coordination efforts to make today's wood treatment presentations to the Office of Pesticide Programs happen. Please let today's [presenters] know that it was truly a success and that several of my coworkers even wished that there was more time to keep learning. So much information to learn from so many knowledgeable people in their own respective fields!" In summarizing the event, Gauntt said, "In the simple process of keeping the meeting on track and introducing the presenters, I learned more about the changes and complexities in our industry than I could have in any other venue. I was impressed that EPA had such a sincere interest in learning about what is obviously an industry vital to the U.S. economy and one with such a diverse, complex and rich heritage. Applying the science of wood preservation to so many products and species truly is an art." MEETING AGENDA Understanding Wood: Softwood & Hardwood Introduction & Industry Video Pine/Softwood Species/Variability Hardwood Species/Variability Understanding Wood Treating General Treatment Process Overview General BMP Overview AWPA Standards, Evaluation Methods Industrial Treatments Waterborne Treatments Oil Borne Treatments Residential Treatments Water Borne Treatments & Methods Discussion/Q&A/Adjournment

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